Tricycle prices in Nigeria vary depending on the type of tricycle and the materials used in its construction. However, as a general guide, tricycles cost between ₦1,0000 and ₦1.5,0000 in Nigeria.

There are two main types of tricycles in Nigeria – the pedal tricycle and the motor tricycle. The pedal tricycle is the most common type, and is typically powered by pedals. The motor tricycle has a small engine which powers it, and is more commonly used for commercial purposes.

The price of a tricycle can also be influenced by its size. A small tricycle will cost less than a large one, for example.

If you’re looking to buy a tricycle in Nigeria, it’s important to do your research and compare prices before you buy. You should also consider the quality of the tricycle – you don’t want to end up with a tricycle that’s going to break down after a short period of time.

If you’re looking for used tricycles, there are plenty of places where you can find them online or in person. Just be sure to inspect the tricycle carefully before you buy it, and make sure that it’s in good condition.

Tricycles are a great mode of transportation in Nigeria, especially if you live in a rural area. They’re affordable, durable, and easy to operate, so if you’re thinking about buying one, be sure to do your research and compare prices before you make a purchase.

types of tricycle

There are three types of tricycle: the two-wheeled, the three-wheeled and the four-wheeled.

The two-wheeled tricycle is the most basic type and is propelled by pedaling. It has a seat for the driver and a platform for a passenger or cargo.

The three-wheeled tricycle has two front wheels and one back wheel. It is more stable than the two-wheeled tricycle and can carry more cargo.

The four-wheeled tricycle has two front wheels and two back wheels. It is the most stable type of tricycle and can carry more cargo than the other types.

Which type of tricycle you choose depends

Suzuki Tricycle

Suzuki is the maker of cars, bikes, and apparently, tricycles. Their products are known to be of high quality while being able to handle rough roads with ease. Although Suzuki tricycles could seem to be more expensive than other brands, their products are worth every penny spent on them.

Piaggio Tricycle

Piaggio tricycles are also quite popular in Nigeria. And what are the most popular for? They are most popular for their efficient and minimal fuel consumption. And in a country like ours where we want to save every last penny that we can, a fuel-efficient vehicle is always welcome.

Bajaj Tricycle

You may already be familiar with this brand. Baja is a popular manufacturer of strong and durable bikes and tricycles. As a matter of fact, the ruggedness and durability of their products are the major reasons for their popularity in the Nigerian market.

Price of Other Brands of Tricycle

Of course, the three above aren’t the only Keke Napep brands in Nigeria. We have some others, such as TVs, Vespa, Zongshen, and Daylong, which are all of the high quality and affordable.

Prices of Tricycle in Nigeria

As Keke Napep keeps growing in popularity in the country, it only makes sense that it begins to get slightly costlier. However, they are all still relatively inexpensive.

Brand Price
Price of Tricycle ₦600, 000 – ₦850, 000
Price of Daylong Tricycle ₦500, 000 – ₦600, 000
Price of TVS Tricycle ₦580, 000 – ₦650, 000
Price of Tricycle ₦550, 000 – ₦700, 000

This goes without saying. You can’t spend money that you don’t have. Don’t visit a dealer without having a budget in mind. However, don’t buy something you would end up regret if your money isn’t enough to buy what you need. It’s better you wait a little till you’re able to gather some more money


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Personel Sağlık

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