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Hi Dear Readers to will like to Review Justanswer platform either Legit or scam

according to some users on quora.com  we will review base on there experience on the platform before we continue you can read how to make money online in nigeria from our site here

Whats JustAnswers?

justAnswer is a service that provides expert answers. You can use the service on a computer or mobile device, but you do need an account. Memberships cost $74 per month but ensure you have 24/7, unlimited access to experts in a wide range of industries

JustAnswer is an online question and answer platform that connects visitors with experts from a range of industries, including the medical, legal

JustAnswer is one of the many options on the market today, though it’s not your standard telehealthcare provider. It’s a service that provides experts of all types. Members can reach out with questions any time of day and get feedback from a licensed professional. That can mean great peace of mind when you’re worried about something like medication interactions or if the new pain in your leg is a reason for concern.

Founder: Andy Kurtzig
Founded: 2003

Customer service: 00 1 925-217-0748

Is justanswer.com legit?

Our Review; JustAnswer lets you access experts from across various industries for convenient access to answers. The service can save you unnecessary runs to the emergency room or let you know if medical attention may be warranted.

Others Review

I was then directed to another site where they were going to charge me more. After I clicked on the next link I realized that it was a scam. So, I quickly closed the site. I wrote, there and then to the responder that it was a scam, they did not respond. I assumed that the answer was not satisfactory so I would be refunded the $6.00.

Today, about one week later, I was shocked to note that JustAnswer had not only deducted the $6.00 they had planned on taking $60.00 each month. I am shocked.

I have written to Just Answer about their rip-off scheme, complained to the Bank haw I was conned, and complained to the Telecommunications Services Ombudsman.

I am waiting to see how this cookie crumbles. I definitely feel ripped off. When there are so many free answers on the web why are people paying these rip-off artists?

Updated 30/08/2021 JustAnswer has not changed its policies, procedures or the tricks it uses to con unsuspecting consumers. If you have the time and effort force them to refund your money. They know they are cheating the public. Shame on the regulatory authorities for allowing such practices.
I feel sad for the thousands of consumers they rip off daily. So much information is available free of charge further down. However, unsuspecting users tend to click on their ad and get ripped off.

I spent 1.5 hours and was completely dumbfounded by the way I was treated. After 20 or so minutes I chatted in to find out what was going on and was told The expert would be with me shortly. After 45 minutes or so he finally contacted me asking a further background question to my issue. The next thing I get is a chat saying that it would be easier and quicker if we had a phone call instead of texting. It would cost me an additional $24. I thought, perhaps you should tell me what you think the problem is and let me see how it goes before you try to bump me. Then I realize there is no way to answer the communication with anything other than a “yes” link. The normal chat environment was gone. Further, when I didn’t take the offer to spend $24 more, the expert just vanished. The Chat person disconnected me saying she would connect me with her supervisor, but she simply dead-aired me. After 1.5 to 2 hours I contacted “customer experience” who explained why I was the d–k. She refused to document what I said “because I “obviously had made up my mind what was going on.” Truly I didn’t understand what that all meant. I will admit that as time went on and I had to jump through hoops that weren’t worth the $5 refund, I then did become a bit of a d–k out of complete shock and frustration over what surely is a scam. 2 hrs shot. No resolution to my broken oven. JUST ANSWER – AN UNBELIEVABLY SUCCESSFUL SCAM. Sign of the times






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