The Alpha 7c Mirrorless Digital Camera Sony a7C is the company’s latest and smallest full-frame interchangeable lens camera. It fits a 24MP full-frame sensor and image stabilization into a body more closely resembling the APS-C sensor a6600.

A lot of work has clearly gone into making this one of the smallest full-frame cameras available, whereas a lot of the features and capabilities are familiar. A new retractable kit zoom is being launched along with the a7C to help maintain those size savings

Sony Alpha 7c Mirrorless Digital Camera

Despite the compact size of the camera body, which is the world’s smallest and lightest, the Alpha 7c Mirrorless Digital Camera delivers the spectacular image quality for both stills and movies that you’d expect from a full-frame camera.

Fast, wide, and steadfast AF, rapid-fire continuous shooting, and a handy vary-angle LCD monitor help capture the action whenever it happens. Bigger sensors create better images, and the a7C’s full-frame sensor is much larger than the sensors in smartphones, compact digital cameras, and similar-sized APS-C interchangeable-lens cameras.

The resulting increased light collection allows for professional-quality images with reduced noise, and more retained detail in both shadows and highlights. With a full-frame sensor, it’s possible to take shots and achieve impressive images that are unique to this format.

The a7C’s sensor is more than twice the size of the sensors found in APS-C cameras of similar body size, and up to 30 times larger than a smartphone sensor, for stunning images with greater depth and detail. The a7C was fashioned to be compact, lightweight, and portable without compromising genuine full-frame camera performance. This goal was accomplished by developing new mechanical components, such as a space-saving shutter and optical stabilization unit, along with layout and structural enhancements.

Pros And Cons

Compact and Lightweight

Small and light full-frame camera

28-60mm F4-5.6 Full-frame Zoom Lens

Small and light full-frame E-mount standard zoom lens with versatile focal range and impressive image quality

Advanced 24.2 MP Sensor

The Power of Full-Frame with an advanced 24.2MP Back-Illuminated 35mm Full-frame Image Sensor

ISO up to 204,800

Uncover hidden details with low noise through an impressive ISO range of ISO 50 – 2048006 and a massive 15-stop dynamic range

10 fps Continuous Shooting

Capture fast-moving subjects with shooting bursts of up to 10 frames in either mechanical or silent shooting

693 AutoFocus Points

Get blazing fast subject acquisition with 693 phase-detection and 425 contrast AF points covering 93% of the image sensor

High Definition 4K Video

4K Movie w/ full pixel readout, no pixel binning or crop, and HDR

Small and Light Full Frame ILC

The Alpha 7C is for creators who demand full-frame quality and performance, but also want a compact lightweight camera they can take anywhere and use for all types of still and video creation.

Top Listing

✓ Best choice



The Alpha 7c Mirrorless Digital Camera’s combination of size, image quality, AF performance, and battery life make it a superb travel camera, but some awkward aspects of operation, including its small viewfinder, hold it back as a photographer’s choice.

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